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Effective Presentation Skills Training with Speak by Design

Updated: Apr 4

by Stephanie Bickel

effective presentation skills training

We get asked how to give a great presentation all the time. It’s not just about giving a great presentation, it’s about how you communicate in every aspect of your business day. If you want to bring the most effective presentation skills training to your team or office, it is not a one and done experience. It takes time to establish new communication habits. It takes time to get people presenting with confidence at the highest level.

We have been delivering 2 day, 1-day, and half day courses for the last two decades. The people with the best results have a combination of private coaching and group training. We created Speak by Design University and the Lead by Design methodology to deliver the most effective presentation skills training to our clients.

The Lead by Design method is an 8-part communication training series that every leader should master. 360 degree communication is an art and a science. We have 8 communication skills courses.

  1. SBD 100 – Personal Presence

  2. SBD 200 – Crisp, Confident, and Credible

  3. SBD 300 – High Impact Meetings

  4. SBD 400 – Presentation Skills

  5. SBD 500 – Articulating a Vision

  6. SBD 600 – Leadership Communication Agility

  7. SBD 700 – Handling Difficult Situations

  8. SBD 800 – Coaching Others to Greatness

Clients can select the ones they need, and we will build a custom learning journey to support the talent development you want to see.

Speak by Design University is our way of reinforcing practice, skill development, and habit creation. Members have access to: new lessons every month, two 45-minute private coaching sessions, group trainings, group coaching calls, recordings, and videos and workbooks for self-paced learning.

Our goal is for our clients to be presenting with confidence to all levels within their organization. Whether you choose group courses, private coaching, or Speak by Design University, you will be giving yourself, or your teams, the gift of one of the most effective presentation skills training programs available. Accelerate your growth, learn how to give a great presentation, and communicate to inspire and motivate.

We won’t forget the day we met. Neither will you.


Speak by Design University creates great leaders. It’s the only leadership communication program in the world that gives you access to self-paced learning, group coaching and training and, most importantly, private one-on-one coaching. Learn more and register.


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