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Management Team Presentations

Management Team


Management team presentation coaching and training ensures that the team delivers the most compelling message and vision to your investors and other stakeholders.

Today, leaders are faced with challenges they have never seen before.  They have to be excellent at handling crises, uncertainty, and diversity and inclusion topics. They have to be more empathetic and comfortable admitting when they do not know what to do.  They have to be able to connect and emote virtually. Companies turn to Speak by Design to help with presentation skills training for executives and management teams.  We can help teams hit the ground running in their first team meetings, executive councils, townhalls, board meetings, and investor meetings.

The Management Team Presentation Process

  • About Us

  • About You

  • Goals

  • Audience

  • Process

  • Mindset Shifts

  • Presence

  • Self Introduction

  • Articulating Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Self Introduction

  • Functional Overview

  • Growth Initiative

  • Success Stories

  • Picture of the Future

  • Handling Questions

  • Influencing Skills

  • Handling Pushback

Rehearsals and Private Coaching

Scheduled at Your Discretion



Monday: Rehearsal 1

Tues/Wed: Private Coaching Thursday: Rehearsal 2

Friday: Private Coaching

Monday: Final Rehearsal

Tuesday: Presentation #1

Speak by Design helps teams do the following:

1. Confidently explain the business’s value and opportunity for investors and analysts

2. Articulate a clear, confident value proposition to Limited Partners and investors

3. Practice delivering presentations for IPO roadshows and potential acquirers

4. Rehearse for investor calls and annual meetings

Contact us to discuss your timeline & activities. Maybe your management team needs presentation skills for:

1. Roadshows

2. Fireside Chats

3. Annual Meeting

4. Earnings calls

5. Analyst days

6. Board meetings

7. Fundraising

8. Pitches

9. Media Appearances

Speak by Design is recommended because we know how to help you structure and deliver your messages with maximum appeal. With the utmost discretion, we advise you and your teams sensitively for these confidential financial conversations. Because of our deep experience working with private equity firms and investment banks, we come ready to exceed your expectations and help you send the right message.

The top three leaders at a start-up firm each enrolled in the 6-month program to work on how they spoke to investors.  Some of their coaching time was used in joint presentation rehearsals.  Prior to the coaching, they were not getting investors.  After month one in the program, they saw a shift and secured investments from every conversation.

Story 1

An investment bank gave a new Managing Director a 6-month program with Speak by Design as part of onboarding. Speak by Design helped the MD make a strong start and sign three of three new engagements.  Speak by Design accelerated his comfort in how to represent the new company, build strong internal relationships quickly, and grow business immediately. 

Story 2
We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


Top 10 Tips for Investor Dinners


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