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Executive Onboarding

Senior Leader Communication & Executive Onboarding

Senior leader communication and executive onboarding is challenging. Failure rates are estimated at 40 percent or more. For external hires, it takes 6 months or longer for a new leader to return the teams to breakeven productivity.

A management strategy firm gave an Associate Principal who was struggling a 6-month program to work on developing a few new strengths. The Associate Principal used our senior leader communication coaching program to achieve a personal transformation and promote a new offering. He sailed his way to Partner at the next designation.

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Today, leaders are faced with challenges they have never seen before.  They have to have excellent leadership communication skills, and be excellent at handling crises, uncertainty, and diversity and inclusion topics. They have to be more empathetic and comfortable admitting when they do not know what to do.  They have to be able to connect and emote virtually. Companies turn to Speak by Design to help develop senior leader communication skills and an executive onboarding toolkit.  Through executive onboarding, we can help leaders hit the ground running with exceptional communication skills in team meetings, executive councils, townhalls, board meetings, and investor meetings.

Wanted to let you know right away that I made Partner. I couldn't have done it without you. You've been inspirational, technical, and softly critical when needed ;)



I've just been promoted to VP, and I give credit to Speak by Design’s coaching. I wouldn’t be here without it. Your services were well worth the investment!



My sincere appreciation to Speak by Design. You have made a very important positive impact and strongly positioned me for this promotion to CEO.



You may have seen the news. I am the new CEO. Thank you for your year of support for all those Board presentations and investor calls.



A beloved CEO was stepping down. The organization worried about the incoming CEO’s ability to exhibit strong leadership communication skills, and have a strong start. We met with both the current and incoming CEO to design the best way for them to share the stage at the first Board meeting, first Townhall, and first leadership team meeting. Speak by Design helped the current CEO design a personal welcome to the new CEO and a sensitive goodbye. For the incoming CEO, we worked on how he could help the organization get excited for the future, as well as feel like they understood him and why he was the perfect leader for where they were headed. Following that initial townhall, we provided the CEO and full leadership team with communication coaching for two quarters while they set their new strategic vision.

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We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


4 Ways to Help New Hires Onboard


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