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About Us

Speak by Design is a team of coaches and trainers who help people leverage their speaking skills for greater impact. We help people become consistently compelling forces. We help people reach their ideal. Our approach is tailored exactly to the individual’s unique communication demands to help maximize personal effectiveness through his or her communications.  We are experts on personal style, message structure, and message strategies. We deliver hundreds of presentation skills training courses every year. We create tailored coaching and training programs that help people polish their speaking skills for the next challenge ahead.

Our Mission

We have been helping people grow their businesses and advance their careers since 2000. We are humbled by the great opportunities we have had to impact businesses, communities, policy change, and families. Our clients are global consulting firms, investment banks, private equity, top brands, and healthcare firms, and large non-profits.  We are coaching C-suite leaders, onboarding and launching new CEOs, preparing leadership teams to speak with investors and potential acquirers. We coach speakers for high visibility presentations and TED Talks. All of our clients are movers and shakers and doing good in this world. Their successes are our successes.

Lead by Design Method

Speak by Design began solely focused on personal presentation skills until discovering how much more powerful communication training was when it covered both business and personal growth goals. The Lead by Design method is how we transform individuals, teams, and organizations. We help people develop career-long skills to design and lead conversations, meetings, and presentations that align heads, hands, and hearts.

We have coached thousands of professionals to stand out, speak up, and lead. Meet our team of people who are obsessed with communication coaching and presentation training.


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