Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

Whether you are giving someone a goodbye and good luck program or investing in one for yourself, hiring a career transition coach can make the process a creative adventure. We offer career transition services designed to help you secure a bigger and better position to start your next chapter.

We Help With

We help with

Resume writing
Cover email/letter crafter
Crafting Your Story
Fine Tuning Your Approach
Interviewing Skills
Follow-Up Strategies
Handling Sensitive

Post-merger and restructuring, a senior leader was no longer needed in the organization. The company gave senior leader 6 months of support with Speak by Design.  The leader had three offers and accepted a position on month 4 and was able to use the last two months for onboarding.  The leader left feeling valued and supported by the previous organization and made a shift into a new sector and higher-level role.

Case Study

Speak by Design was amazing to work with. My coach pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and I appreciate that so much. I still use the lessons and exercises I learned. I recommend Speak by Design whenever I have a friend who says they need coaching in this area. I consider them the gold standard.



The coaching and skills I learned has been extremely valuable.  My manager has said several times that he has never seen so much progress in so little time.  And yes, I got promoted only a few months after completing the training.



We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


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