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Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

Whether you are giving someone a goodbye and good luck program or investing in one for yourself, hiring a career transition coach can make the process a creative adventure. We offer career transition services designed to help you secure a bigger and better position to start your next chapter.

CXO Transition Coaching


Leaders entering more visible roles with expanded accountability benefit from an outside coach. Leaders are introducing new strategies, team standards, and priorities.  They need to elevate their communication and leadership skills to get traction. 

Speak by Design | Lead by Example

The leader needs to speak by design, by developing their unique, authentic communication style. And, the leader needs to lead by example, and develop the mindsets and behaviors they want to see cascaded throughout the management team and entire organization.


  • Accelerate the pace of change by role modeling desired behaviors

  • Develop followers and create a ripple effect on their teams

  • Position ideas that inspire others to act now

  • Leave a legacy that exemplifies excellence in the workplace

  • Change the culture of their organization

  • Win over investors

All Programs

  • Include a Communication and Leadership Component

  • Span 6-12 months, so we have time to support the transition fully.  

  • Are customized. We begin with a half-hour introductory call to tailor the process seen here.

Speak by Design was amazing to work with. My coach pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and I appreciate that so much. I still use the lessons and exercises I learned. I recommend Speak by Design whenever I have a friend who says they need coaching in this area. I consider them the gold standard.



The coaching and skills I learned has been extremely valuable.  My manager has said several times that he has never seen so much progress in so little time.  And yes, I got promoted only a few months after completing the training.



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We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


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