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Speaker Coaching

A Speak by Design speaking coach prepares leaders for high profile speaking engagements, and we help leaders strengthen overall presentation skills. Programs include 3 to 10 sessions.
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Maybe you’re here to learn the fundamentals, or maybe you’re here to prepare for a special event.

Speaking Engagement

Content Creation and Presentation Delivery


  1. Audience Analysis

  2. Key Themes

  3. Strong Starts

  4. Stories

  5. Strong Closes

  1. Visual Leadership

  2. Vocal Presence

  3. Provocative Transitions

  4. Handling Questions

  5. Adding Creativity and Contrast

  1. Tools for Increased Connection

  2. Reading the Room

  3. Managing Distractions

  4. Contingency Planning

After my presentation, my colleagues were very congratulatory, and the customer thanked me for the remarks. The colleague, who had been in the presentation the day before, asked if I had any formal speaking training. I told him briefly what I had been doing with Speak by Design, and he said it has paid off. He also left a 5 minute voicemail of my accomplishments for my boss and the Chairman of our Board. He commended me to them for my decision to take on public speaking through private coaching.



I wanted to let you know right away that I made Partner. I couldn't have done it without you. You've been inspirational, technical, and softly critical when needed ;). I often try to imagine how you would do it when I have a challenging leadership moment.



We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


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