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Speak by Design

Change the way you speak and you will
elevate your team, strengthen your company, and transform your life. 

Great Leaders are Great Speakers 
When your communication wanders, it limits professional success. Speak by Design University makes exceptional speakers and stand-out leaders by teaching you how to communicate powerfully. Become a consistently compelling force. 


Speak by Design University is a monthly communication coaching program with career-building leadership training.


1. New “live” weekly lessons around the theme of the month
2. Two, 45-minute private coaching sessions
3. “Live” weekly group coaching with Founder, Stephanie Bickel
4. Invitation to attend of our 2-hour Speak by Design signature trainings
5. Access to self-paced video lessons and workbooks
6. 24-hour “Ask a Coach” feature
7. Ability to schedule additional coaching sessions at a discounted rate

Speak by Design University is a monthly coaching program with trainings on topics like:

Visual Leadership

Vocal Presence

Personal Branding

Relationship Building


Managing Up, Down, and Across

Strong Starts and Closes

Audience Analysis

Presentation Skills

Message Structures

Articulating a Strategy

Leadership Communication Agility

Handling Questions

Influencing Skills

Poise Under Pressure

Media Communications

Investor Relations Presentations

Board Conversations and Presentations

Who is the program for?

This is for managers and above. These tools are best for high potentials and emerging leaders whose responsibilities are expanding fast.


This is for professionals seeking a radical change in the communication skills that will be measurable and obvious.  While the program is most effective for managers and above, we do not require that.

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what other people are saying about the program.

“Speak by Design University is awesome!  Private coaching is fun and engaging.  I felt that the session were well structured.  I really appreciate being able to practice using real-world scenarios and look forward to continue practicing the tools that I learned during my sessions.”

President of Communications Firm, Podcaster

“My coach was constructive and inspiring, and I genuinely enjoyed our time together.  I am walking away armed with a plethora of communication tactics to use in every day meetings as well as a long term plan to help build my career.”

Manager at  Bio Technology Firm

“Speak by Design University exceeded my expectations.  Each coaching and training was theoretical and practical.  This is the perfect practice for work situations.”

Manager at Technology Firm

Your career story is about to get really interesting, beginning with our new cohort on
the first of the month!

Do you have questions or a group of 5 or more people?

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