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SBD 100
Personal Presence

January 18, 2023  |  12 - 2pm CT

How do you establish instant credibility and connect easily with others?  This interactive virtual communication training workshop focuses on the principles of personal style, helping you further define your professional style while capitalizing on your uniqueness. Learn how to leverage your unique style to establish a significant and differentiated personal brand.


  1. Visual Cues (posture, gesture, eye contact)

  2. Vocal Presence

  3. Authenticity

  4. Building trust

SBD 200
Crisp, Confident, and Credible

February 15, 2023  |  12 - 2pm CT

What is the best way to prepare a message? This virtual communication course introduces audience analysis and the pyramid structure for formulating messages clearly and logically. We will examine current client communications and work on pursuing written communication excellence. The training will cover message strategy, structure, and style.


  1. Audience analysis

  2. Finding the governing thought

  3. Pyramid structure

  4. Most common mistakes in writing

  5. Style standards 

SBD 300
High Impact Meetings

July 20, 2022  |  12 - 2pm CT

This virtual communication training program focuses on how to design a meeting that facilitates engagement and accelerates problem-solving and decision-making. Participants will learn and practice two techniques for opening meetings: the interactive start and the fast start. Facilitation tools and techniques for steering conversation and handling dissenting viewpoints will be covered.


  1. Meeting design tools

  2. Strong starts and closes

  3. Facilitation skills

  4. Managing Disruptions

SBD 400
Presenting with Impact

August 17, 2022  |  12 - 2pm CT

This virtual communication skills training program is for those seeking to strengthen the most critical communication skills to better present ideas and convey credibility. This program focuses on audience analysis, assertive communication structures, and handling questions. Participants find new, improved ways to present a recommendation and articulate a vision. We practice the skills in breakouts. Participants leave the program with an elevated presentation style and toolkit for connecting with their various stakeholders. Participants will develop and practice delivering a section of a presentation. Techniques for handling questions and pushback will also be addressed.


  1. Audience Analysis

  2. Engaging Starts and Provocative Transitions

  3. Message Development

  4. Handling Questions

SBD 500
Articulating a Vision

September 21, 2022 |  12 - 2pm CT

Create a compelling story of transformation for your organization or client. A captivating vision helps align your audience on a common goal. It accelerates the adoption of new ideas and minimizes resistance to change. This virtual communication course covers the fundamentals of change management and how to increase desire for innovation. Participants will learn how to coach clients to craft, adapt, and deliver a change message everyone can stand behind. 


  1. Storytelling and Change

  2. Journey Creation

  3. Inspirational Delivery Techniques

SBD 600
360 Leadership
Communication Agility

October 19, 2022 |  12 - 2pm CT

In this virtual communication course, participants will learn the five leadership communication roles and their corresponding message frameworks. Participants will practice responding in the moment to a multitude of scenarios to practice managing up, down, and across with the intention to command, assert, guide, motivate, and counsel. The importance of being flexible in your communication style and structure is emphasized.


  1. 5 Leadership Communication Roles

  2. Ability to think on your feet

  3. 4 Pushback Tools

SBD 700
Handling Difficult Situations

November 16, 2022  |  12 - 2pm CT

This virtual communication training course prepares emerging leaders for higher stake interactions when they will need to handle objections and resistance to their ideas.  Participants will learn and practice the top 9 influencing skills, ways to disagree with diplomacy, manage a room with dissenting viewpoints, and handle surprises.  We will also discuss ways to stay calm and controlled in difficult moments.


  1. Listening Skills

  2. Conveying Confidence

  3. Tools for Controlling Reactions

SBD 800
Coaching Others to Greatness

December 21, 2022  |  12 - 2 pm CT

Many things fall into place when you have a coaching mindset.  What is a coaching mindset? Participants in this virtual communication skills training course will learn the difference between a reflexive and mindful approach to coaching others. The exercises will cover the 5 elements of a coaching/mentoring relationship: (1) establish a relationship, (2) setting learning expectations, (3) building capabilities, (4) delivering feedback, and (5) counseling. This training is a role play based program where we will practice coaching others and giving pep talks in difficult moments. 


  1. The 5 Coaching Moments

  2. Mindful Coaching Approach

  3. Best Practices

  4. Creative Coaching Approaches

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You have managed to make these courses incredibly dynamic and inspiring virtually.


Really a career changing experience! Thank you!


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It was super useful!! I am more excited about virtual meetings, workshops, and presentations.


The non-verbal communication exercises were fascinating to do via Zoom.


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Really interesting! Nice to practice and try to make gestures and verbal communication more natural.


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