Virtual Presenting

virtual presenting

We want to improve presentation skills with presentation skills training for our organization.

How should we proceed?

Leaders must be role models of exceptional virtual presenting and show a hunger to improve presentation skills broadly - for themselves and their teams. When the top influencers of a company are presenting well, it raises the bar for everyone. When the top leaders are attending the trainings first and showing a commitment to be better virtual presenters, everyone sees it as a priority. When senior leaders role model the speaking skills they are wanting and asking others to make, the widespread adoption of the new skills is 5 times more likely. This means it’s often best for senior leaders to be the first participants to complete the training.

Widespread Involvement is Key

If you want to see a dramatic lift in leadership communication skills and virtual presentation skills, the participation in trainings needs to be widespread, not just focused on a chosen few. There is a tipping point in training. Some research suggests that you attain a critical mass when you have trained at least 25% of the employees. One of our greatest successes occurred when we trained an entire firm from top to bottom on how to win new business through virtual presentation. Every person who was client facing knew what was changing and had practiced it. Speak by Design faculty led rehearsals. We saw their win rate double within 6 months of completing the program. Better than that, new cultural values around preparation and a passion for communication excellence were born.