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Leader Communication: A 2020 Pep Talk

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

leader communication

Below is a letter to a dear client. Maybe you need a pep talk, or you need to deliver one. Here is an example. Who do you need to lift up?


Don't forget who you are.

You are hard charging and high performing.

Circumstances cannot control and shrink you.

You have always grown from every challenge.

You will grow from this.

You have a mind and heart that can help so many.

You cannot hide it now.

You are needed more than ever.

Set an even bigger goal. Let it scare you a little.

Forget about what others will think.

Let them be who they are.

You control what you think and believe.

Spot those negative thoughts and rewrite them.

Believe things that make you feel confident and excited.

You love work.

You love the people.

You want to fight to solve problems.

You want to see progress now.

Plan a schedule and stick to it.

Picture it. Feel it. Smile into it.

Launch. Over and over again.

leader communication

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