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Top 50 Leadership Communication Skills

Updated: Jun 4


We are doing something new.

We want to see you become full of confidence.

We want your communication skills to be recognized at work.

We want people to notice the changes you are making.

This is the genesis our limited podcast series, Speak by Design.

Every week you can add a new strength - - a new skill.

Over the next 12 months - - you will develop great confidence around communication.

You will take your skills to new heights.

Listening will be different than reading.

This is our gift to you.

2024 is the year you learn to Speak by Design.

50 Leadership Communication

What are the 50 skills?

  1. Mindset: Protect and Grow Confidence

  2. Mindset Shifts: Adopt Expansive Thinking

  3. Visual Leadership: Use Visuals to Build Trust and Meaning

  4. Craft a Personal Brand and Use Your Image to Broadcast It

  5. Stand Out by Increasing Contrast and Personal Intensity 

  6. Strengthen Gravitas Through 4 Behaviors

  7. Be Interesting

  8. Find Your Way of Inspiring Others

  9. Become Excellent at Connecting

  10. Grow Your Network

  11. Understand Your Vocal Presence 

  12. Master the 3 Vocal Tones 

  13. Protect Vocal Health: Daily Vocal Warm Up

  14. Perfect Your Delivery

  15. Get Clear and Concise

  16. Become an Expert at Articulating a Vision

  17. Ask for Investment

  18. Begin and End Strong   

  19. Build the 10-Minute Talk 

  20. Market Your Talks 

  21. Build and Practice the 5 Most Important Stories 

  22. Be able to Assert: Understand Assertive Communication 

  23. Master Remote Meetings

  24. Handle Questions Directly

  25. Handle Objections with Ease

  26. Deliver Bad News - Speak the Truth

  27. Manage Up 

  28. Manage Across

  29. Manage Down

  30. Delegate and Elevate

  31. Only Give Feedforward

  32. Expect Tough Conversations

  33. Develop Poise Under Pressure 

  34. Increase Momentum 

  35. Know Your Mission, Vision, Values 

  36. Know How to Create a Fresh Start

  37. Strengthen the Boss Relationship 

  38. Run a Campaign to Promotion

  39. Get More Visible 

  40. Increase Team Effectiveness 

  41. Co-Create Culture with the Team 

  42. Get Skilled at the Art of the Gathering 

  43. Use Leader Language 

  44. Understand Power Dynamics 

  45. Discuss Communication Preferences

  46. Share Your Communication Pet Peeves

  47. Be a Great Writer

  48. Coach Yourself

  49. Coach Others

  50. Build New Communication Habits

Can you imagine yourself with all these strengths? I can.



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