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How to Improve Your Focus: Tips for Senior Leader Communication

by Kat Evans

When your head is full, it is nearly impossible to communicate clearly. Finding some quiet stillness can change the course of your day. With the constant barrage of emails, social media notifications, and work demands, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, taking a break is essential for maintaining your physical and mental health, as well as your productivity and creativity. It also does wonders for your communication.

Look at these three ways to physically and mentally recharge when you are on the go. These are healthy ways to regain your focus and calm down the nervous system.

leadership communication

Whether working from home or at the office, long hours in front of a computer can be rough on your energy and your body. Here are some quick ways to stay awake and focused, and walk away from work with less pain.

1. Change Your Eyeline | Adjust Your Head Position

If your head is tilted forward, the weight of it pulls on neck and shoulder muscles all day. Set alarms to check in with your head position and realign hourly or more. Small neck circles can in each direction improve blood circulation. Laptop screens tend to be below our natural eyeliner; If possible, get a second monitor to keep your eyes and head lifted enough.

2. Stand Up | Take a Physical Break

We have all heard that we need breaks to return to work refreshed. What are some useful physical things to do during that time? - Take 100 steps - 30-second plank - Reach your arms over your head - Side stretches - Push on a wall for 30 seconds - Deep breathing - Lay on your back for 1 minute - Gentle backbends, supporting your low back or neck with your hands.

3. Separate from the Screen | Take a Mental Break

Stop processing information on screens. While scrolling on feeds, watching videos, reading web articles, and checking text messages may feel emotionally different from work, the act of taking in information through a lit-up screen is still fatiguing. Give it a rest so you can do it well when you must. Taking our attention away from screens can feel bizarre and difficult --the craving for screen light, the need to check, the dopamine hit of making the little notification icon go away. Trust us, it's worth it. Take your eyes off a screen for at least five minutes. - Close your eyes. - Snuggle your pet/child/partner/teddy bear/pillow. - Go outside without your phone. - Clean something. - Read from paper. - Call a friend and keep your eyes on the window as you talk.

When you do have to start work again, it will go better!

We hope these tips make work more manageable and sustainable...and help you feel good throughout your day! What other techniques do you use to stay energized, focused, and refreshed?


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