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Effective Leadership Communication: 7 Ways to Handle the Stress of Being a Manager

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Being a manager is stressful, but effective leadership communication can help. Employees require your time and energy. Leadership wants everything done faster. Customers are changing directions left and right; and who is in the middle of all this? Managers. Here are 7 ways to handle the stress.

By Regina Leslie

Effective Leadership Communication

1. Be Your Own Best Friend

Ask yourself, “How would an old friend or mentor reassure and support me in this moment?” They wouldn't criticize you for every little mistake, but instead meet you with kindness and goodwill. You must do the same for yourself.

2. Write a Purpose Statement

Reflect on your values, focus on what is truly important in your job/life, and actively work to keep your sense of purpose alive. You could start by asking yourself what energizes/inspires you and what’s worth protecting?


3. Reframe the Situation

Is there a way to positively reframe this situation? Could it be an opportunity, innovation, or challenge that leads to something better? You are more likely to rise to the occasion with this more productive mindset focused on using your effective leadership communication skill set.

4. Recharge Physically and Emotionally

Take detachment breaks from work, the news, or anything else that might be triggering you and find ways to recharge yourself instead. This could mean going outside, talking to a good friend, drinking more water, or breathing mindfully.

5. Seek a Sense of Achievement

Find smaller tasks or projects that you can reasonably achieve and then celebrate. This may mean looking for non-work outlets that can serve as a much-needed ego boost.

6. Communicate to Your Team

This may mean voicing the challenges instead of hiding them from your team; sharing ideas for positivity, compassion, and celebration; and creating a culture of practice and exploration instead of performance and perfection.

7. Look For Outside Support

If you aren't thinking clearly because of stress, you can borrow the perspective of someone far removed from the problem. Their insight could be just the thing to help you unlock the solution.

Choose 1 or 2 of the strategies above and see how your level of stress changes throughout the next week. By developing senior leader communication skills, coping skills, and increasing your stress tolerance, you will be able to better manage employees, leadership, customers, and any other stakeholders you have.


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