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Clarifying Your Personal Brand

Updated: Apr 4

by Stephanie Bickel

leadership communication skills

Your leadership presence is what makes you a compelling force within your organization and for your clients. How you look and sound, how you structure your messages, and how you position information for acceptance all influence how others perceive you. Explore who you are and who you want to be, then practice how to get there.

When reflecting upon your Personal Brand, separate this into 3 sections - Personality & Presence, Strengths & Accomplishments, and Passion & Purpose. In your free time, in-between meetings, or over the weekend, take some time to self-reflect. For each section, use the guiding questions to brainstorm more information about yourself. After you've done this exercise, you will be able to bring others up to speed about who you are. You will also be able to create a path for yourself to create a successful future.

1. Personality and Presence

Who you are and what traits make you stand out - both personally and professionally.

Ask yourself: What are the top 5 adjectives that describe you?

2. Strengths and Accomplishments

Your experiences that will benefit you, your future, and those around you.

Ask yourself: What are you particularly proud of?

3. Passion and Purpose

How you drive action and why do you do what you do.

Ask yourself: What motivates you? Why are you important? What drives you? Why do you exist?

Your leadership communication skills and strategies will help position your business competitively and highlight long-term business potential. Put the time into understanding who you are, what your strengths are, and what your areas for improvement are. This will help you improve as an individual, as a colleague, and as a leader.


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