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10 Powerful Beliefs that Make You a More Powerful Speaker

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Stephanie Bickel and Madina Behori

While we cannot control what happens at work and what others do, we have 100% control over our thoughts about those events.

By changing our thoughts, we can change the chain of feelings, actions, and results that stem from them. Now, that is powerful! You can achieve so much more by shifting the little negative beliefs we let creep in every day.

Which of these powerful thoughts could you adopt?

  1. "I want to expand the variety of ways I express myself."

  2. "I am in total control over what I say."

  3. "I am comfortable making others uncomfortable with silence."

  4. "When I repeat myself, it is on purpose."

  5. "I will do it my way."

  6. "I never take feedback too seriously."

  7. "I love my leader, and I am going to make them very successful."

  8. "I love the sound of my voice. It is mine."

  9. "I love sharing ideas."

  10. "I am me. Always me."

Bonus beliefs for confidence:

  • I am fighting to make my company the best place to work.

  • I am helping people every day.

By believing you are already the powerful speaker you want to be, you will think, feel, and act differently starting TODAY!


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