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5 Steps to Mastering the Pep Talk: Skills to Lead a Team

Updated: Apr 4

by Stephanie Bickel

Skills to lead a team

Over the past year, we have had to overcome the setbacks that came with adjusting to a new working environment. Regardless of seniority at your company, you most likely experienced these difficult moments. Everyone from C-suite leaders to managers to associates can benefit from some motivation and encouragement during this time. We need to lift each other up starting now and be open to new skills to lead a team into the post-pandemic world. Be the person who becomes a communication coach for executives within your organization. You can be a trailblazer for exceptional communication in management and leadership within your organization. How do you encourage your peers, your colleagues, or your boss during this time? With a Pep Talk. Here are the 5 Steps to Mastering the Pep Talk.

Step 1: Acknowledge the PAIN

Do this in the first sentence. For example, “I know you had a rough meeting” OR “I know last week was hard”.

Step 2: Provide the ACTION

Give an immediate clear action with minimal wording. This should be a corrective statement. For example, “We have to stay focused” OR “Stay strong, team”.

Step 3: Cite the VALUE.

Luxuriate on the value you want them to rely on. For example, values of hard work, focus, determination, commitment.

Step 4: Include an EMOTION.

This is where you pierce their hearts. What do you want them to feel? Help them by saying you feel it too. For example, “I am so confident this will work”.

Step 5: End with your BELIEF in them.

This is the closing statement to your Pep Talk. Let them know that you believe in them and their success. For example, “I know you can do this” OR “No one is better prepared than you”.

Being able to motivate and inspire effectively are crucial skills to lead a team successfully. Your goal is to get good at giving a Pep Talk in under 60 seconds. Get to the point where you are doing this effortlessly. Make sure that your delivery sounds authentic, genuine, and sincere. If it doesn’t, it won’t be believable. Strive to make your team, you peers, your colleagues, or your boss feel compelled to take action. Reinvigorate them to take the lead, work together, and meet their goals. Remember - they are the hero, not you. You are their guide.

So, who are you planning on delivering your next Pep Talk to? Get to preparing!


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Jan 11, 2023

This is truly helpful.Thank your!

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