Leadership Communication Skills that Stick: Innovative Ideas for Virtual Onboarding

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

leadership communication skills

Interacting through a computer screen is quite a different experience from a physical handshake. So many processes, including onboarding, must be executed in different ways to create that same instant connection. Helping others develop strong leadership communication skills from the beginning, will create exponential impact for them and your organization.

It is time to break away from what you have done in the past.

Be unique.

Be innovative.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." The famous quote from Albert Einstein rings true as we find ourselves immersed in a virtual culture that is not going away.

Invest in ideas that make your organization stand out from the rest to create dynamic interactions from day one. We have pulled together our top seven favorite ways to enhance leadership and communication skills for new hires.

1. Brand your virtual onboarding to amplify your culture

Branding makes you distinct. It represents who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived. Branding is important because it helps others know exactly what to expect from you and leaves a memorable impression. It is the clarity your new hires need to understand how to act and how to perform. Prior to Day 1, send out a welcome box that includes SWAG items with your branded logo. Have them display at least one SWAG item on your first welcome call. New hires will immediately feel a part of a team, something much bigger than just them alone in their home office.

2. Prepare big problems for new hires to solve

Solving problems is one of the best ways to demonstrate value to a company. Give your new talent the opportunity to do just that! Share a company or industry challenge on one of your next check-in calls. Have your new hires tackle the problem in small breakout groups. Then, provide a platform for each group to present their solution to leadership. Have leadership vote on the top three solutions. There is nothing better than for them to experience what communication for leadership looks and feels like.

leadership communication skills

3. Use reward and recognition programs

Competition helps drive performance. Excite the next wave of talent with various reward and recognition programs for excellent leadership communication skills. Contests involving self-recorded videos are great ways to engage employees. Ask employees to submit a short, 1 to 2-minute video on their smart phone that showcases a communication for leadership success. Have them record it using creative props or a unique background. Choose a video of the week to be highlighted on the intranet or during a leadership call. Use video success stories to help spread a winning culture throughout the organization.