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Leadership Communication Examples: 13 Small Ways to Make a BIG Impact in Meetings

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We have all been in those meetings when we thought to ourselves, "What am I doing here?" It either feels like you have no role or no goal. If you have to attend anyways, you might as well use this time to practice your communication skills. That way, you'll be ready to make a big impact no matter what meeting you're in. So let's dive into some leadership communication examples that you can practice the next time you find yourself in this position.

by Stephanie Bickel

leadership communication examples

Here are 13 small ways to make a BIG impact in meetings:

  1. Initiate small talk. Listen for their key people, passions, dreams, and aversions.

  2. Ask a follow-up question. Ask them to clarify the size, significance, or the scope.

  3. Share a personal story that makes a business point.

  4. Have a unique point of view. Is there a risk or opportunity no one else sees?

  5. Be the first to volunteer on a task, or be the one to delegate tasks to others.

  6. Keep your camera on and utilize the chat/reaction features to show support and ask a clarifying question.

  7. Offer to send the summary email with next steps, due dates, and owners as a way to showcase interpersonal skills and leadership initiative.

  8. Increase the number of times you are heard. A good goal is to speak within the first 5 minutes and at least 3 times every 30 minutes.

  9. Give praise that is both individualized and meaningful.

  10. Amplify the ideas of others by repeating their thoughts and giving them credit.

  11. Invite members of underrepresented groups to share their perspective.

  12. Summarize what you've heard and ask for clarification.

  13. Synthesize what you've heard. What decisions or actions should be taken based on what we have covered so far?

Bonus: Give others the opportunity to co-lead meetings, especially more junior colleagues.

Choose 2-3 of the above leadership communication examples to start incorporating in your meetings over the next week. Notice what communicative leadership reactions you get from others; if you like the results, continue these actions and see if you can add more.

If you are in a meeting, make your participation impactful.

By Stephanie Bickel and Madina Behori


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