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Leadership Communication #20: Market Your Talks

Updated: Jun 3

By Stephanie Bickel

How do you spread your ideas?  How do you start sharing your 10-minute talk?

All leaders and emerging leaders need to spread their ideas internally. The success of your strategies depends upon it. Static decks filled with data and charts fail to inspire action. Leaders must find a way to spread their ideas and ignite change within their organizations and beyond.

However, many leaders struggle getting their great idea HEARD. This reduces the desire for change and pace of change. Few leaders market their talks effectively, missing out on the opportunity to influence and inspire.

How can leaders effectively market their talks to spread new ideas, create desire for change, and drive action?

Learn the 3-step process outlined below and in this podcast, "Market Your Talks".

1. Know the Outcome You Want in Advance 

  • Inspire Change: Personal delivery of ideas connects with audiences, motivating them to act.

  • Establish Authority: Speaking engagements position leaders as thought leaders.

  • Foster Engagement: Live presentations encourage real-time interaction and feedback.

Data and charts might inform, but a well-delivered talk can light the spark that drives teams to innovate and improve.

2. Build Your Marketing Materials

To market your talks effectively, prepare the following materials: 

  • Two-Paragraph Description: Clearly outline the topic and importance of your talk.

  • Short Bio: A concise summary of your professional background and expertise.

  • Takeaway Document: Highlight the key points and benefits of your talk.

  • 1-2 Minute Teaser Video: Capture the essence of your message to excite your audience.


These elements present a polished, professional image and attract speaking opportunities.

3. Approach People for Speaking Opportunities

Internal Marketing

  • Email Strategy: Craft a compelling email to peers in cross-functional roles, internal communications, and learning specialists.

  • Leverage Assistance: Use your Chief of Staff, direct reports, or assistant to help schedule speaking engagements.

  • Utilize Internal Platforms: Explore intranet placement for your teaser video and participate in large group training sessions.

External Marketing

  • Social Media: Share your teaser video and talk highlights on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Conferences and Panels: Apply to speak at industry conferences and participate in discussion panels.

  • Podcasts and TEDx: Offer to be a guest on relevant podcasts and explore TEDx opportunities.

Many leaders mistakenly believe these opportunities are inaccessible, but with the right approach, they can effectively market their talks and extend their influence.

It's easier that you think. You can spread new ideas, create desire for change, and drive action. With a clear strategy and the right tools, you can inspire your organization and the broader public, establishing yourself as a thought leader and driving meaningful impact. Embrace the opportunity to market your talks and watch your influence grow.


Interested in becoming a leadership communication coach? Learn more.

Interested in private coaching for yourself or someone else? Check out our monthly coaching program. 


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