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Leadership Communication Lesson #13: Warm Up the Voice Daily

Updated: May 6

When you sound confident, audiences listen.

But, your voice is just like a muscle and most are aging fast.

Dehydration, lack of air support, and lack of exercise hurt the voice.

Without daily conditioning, the voice weakens.

A strong voice is a leader's best way to convey conviction and commitment.

And, your ideas have to be heard.

Listen to the creative ways to warm up the voice.

Do these exercises with me to feel the immediate impact of a stronger voice.

The perfect daily warmup includes exercises in this order:

  1. Relaxation

  2. Breathing

  3. Articulator Stretches

  4. Touching Sound

  5. Resonance

  6. Projection

  7. Articulation Agility (Tongue Twisters)

When the speaker's voice is warmed up, it is much easier to speak with confidence.

Are you keeping up with all these lessons?

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