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How to Give a Great Presentation:

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

10 Ways to Infuse Humor into a Speech

There are many ways to make your speech memorable. One of the best, but most difficult, is using humor. Humor is a great way to add energy to the room, diffuse an intense moment, and capture the attention of your listeners. If you want to know how to give a great presentation, become someone who is great at using humor.

by Stephanie Bickel

how to give a great presentation

Sometimes using humor can be tricky. You certainly don't want to offend a large group of people in the audience. There are several ways you can safely and effectively infuse humor into a speech:

1. Use self-deprecating humor

Making fun of yourself can be a way to connect with your audience and show that you are human and relatable.

2. Use storytelling

Telling stories that are humorous or have a funny twist can help engage your audience and add levity to your speech.

3. Use wordplay

Using wordplays, such as puns or clever turns of phrases, adds an interesting and memorable spin.

4. Use props or visual aids

Using props or visual aids that are humorous can add a lighthearted element to your speech.

5. Use facial expressions and body language

Using facial expressions and body language that are playful or humorous can help add humor to your speech.

6. Use appropriate jokes

Incorporating appropriate jokes or humorous anecdotes can add humor to your speech, as long as they are relevant and not offensive.

7. Use pop culture references

Using references to popular movies, TV shows, or other cultural phenomena can be a way to add humor to your speech.

8. Use exaggeration

Exaggerating certain aspects of your speech can add a humorous element, as long as it is done in good taste.

9. Use irony

Using irony, or saying the opposite of what you mean, can be a way to add humor to your speech.

10. Use humor to highlight a point

Using humor to illustrate a business point.

You won't know you are good at using humor until you try it out. Start testing it out sparingly during a speech to see what kind of reaction you get. The more you try it, the more comfortable it becomes. The more comfortable it becomes, the more you'll use it. The more you use it, the more interested your audience becomes in YOU, and what you have to say. Become an exceptional speaker...communicate with HUMOR!


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