Communication Skills Training Tips to Delight Leadership

communication skills training

Communication skills training covers more than just how to become a better speaker. Communication coaching also involves practicing the way you talk to inspire others and grow your followers. When you do this, you are creating a “North Wind” that continually pulls others toward you. People begin to hunger for your thoughts and opinions.

One of the most important people you can have in your “North Wind” is your boss. How can you delight your leader to increase your connection and deepen your relationship? Start with the idea that people like to feel smart, successful, popular, high principled, and attractive. Find ways to highlight how your boss is all of these. Let them know. Tell them often. Share your thoughts with others. Focusing on these 5 values can help your leader see the value that they are adding to the team and to the organization.

If you took a communication skills course with us, here’s a comprehensive list of the communication coaching advice we would give you to delight your leaders.

1. Align to their goals

Speak what they are speaking. Quote them. They will know you are listening when you repeat what they say.

Send an email within 3 hours of a call with the first draft response or ghosted document 10% version. Check in to see if approach is in line with their goals.

2. Lift their mindset

Lift their thinking when it becomes too narrow. Remind them of the bigger picture.

Ask them…

- About their worries

- “If I could remove a burden, what would it be?”

- “What do you want to see change in 2021?”

- “What behaviors on the team drive you nuts?”

Keep a journal of all that this leader is doing that you admire and are learning from. Bring it to a 1:1 meeting and surprise them with a list of their inspiring moments.

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