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Communication Effectiveness: Virtual Presentation Tips to Make Your Meeting a Success

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

Communication Effectiveness

Even as companies are shifting back to the office, working from home will continue to be part of our professional environment which requires adaptability and communication effectiveness. If you are now going into the office, some of your clients or co-workers may not be. We now have to adjust to a hybrid way of working and adapt our delivery to both formats. Because of this, we frequently get asked about communication effectiveness with remote speaking skills, executive presentation skills, and virtual presentation tips that command audiences. There are definitely ways to be just as dynamic on screen as you are in person.

These 7 virtual presentation tips will help you stand out and exude confidence from afar.

1. Include ample amounts of light in your virtual environment.

How you are viewed adds to your overall message and communication effectiveness. Add more light in front of you. We recommend a Halo Ring Light. Make sure you also have a well-lit background. A natural background is recommended over a virtual one.

2. Adjust your camera to eye level.

You will connect better with your audience when they feel you are looking directly at them. Adjusting your camera to eye level will allow you to look directly ahead of you.

3. Remember the 1/3 Rule.

Create a large presence on screen. Position yourself so the audience can see the upper 1/3 of you and you take up 1/3 of the screen.

4. Be alive in your virtual box.

Explore how to position yourself so your listeners can see more of your hands. Gestures are a great way to emphasize a message and support its meaning.

5. Maintain a strong, confident posture.

Keep your head in a neutral position. Your shoulders should be tilted back slightly with your chest lifted. We recommend using a Nexstand to help with posture while on your laptop.

6. Minimize the amount of time that slides are shown.

We recommend keeping slides up no longer than 30 seconds. Only use visuals to reinforce a message, then shift the focus back to the group. It’s your speaking skills that will win over an audience, not your visual aids.

7. Be dynamic. Add elements of surprise.

Incorporate some elements of surprise to keep your listeners engaged and energized. Conduct an ice breaker to get your audience participating and laughing. Add a poll. Play some music to begin a meeting or during a break. Show a video. Get people to annotate on the screen.

What are you already doing on screen to grab attention of your listeners? What's one thing you can do differently to create a bigger presence and engage your audiences? Some of these virtual presentation tips are small changes that can make a big difference in how you are perceived. Try one out today and see the impact you can have!


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