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6 Common Leadership Communication Mindset Blocks

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

What are the common leadership communication mindset blocks encountered when coaching executives?

by Stephanie Bickel

Leadership Communication

The top mindset blocks are:

1. I don't have enough time.

When executives think this, they talk too fast, make leaps in logic, and can sound


2. I am running circles around my team.

They are too slow and not as capable as I need.

When executives think this, they can come across as arrogant. Worse, they stop

delegating and then begin overworking.

3. I don’t need to be visible externally.

The executive is the human incarnation of their

functional area. Their model shapes values across the organization internally. Their

profile helps attract the right customers, partners, and workers.

4. People don’t listen to me.

When an executive does not feel heard, they should go

improve the message and practice delivery. If an executive has believed this for a long

time, they start to believe less and less in their communication skills. It’s a downward

spiral from there.

5. I cannot let my guard down.

When executives do not trust their listeners, it is apparent

in their body language immediately. The messages will sound “crafted” and “staged”,

instead of open and heartfelt.

6. I am beginning to not like people.

Executives who have been let down by team members or dealt with entitled employees often start to sour on people. If they practice this thought, it comes through in serious facial expressions and abruptness. It ends up making others, not like the leader.

By practicing these powerful thoughts, we had communication breakthroughs.

1. I have all the time I need.

2. I know <Name> can lead, manage, and be accountable for this.

3. I am the example.

4. People need to hear this message in 7 different ways.

5. I prepare well. I write out my messages. I practice it out loud five times. I speak note-free, from the heart.

6. I look at leading my team like parenting. While I may not like every action, I still care for every person.


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