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Senior Leader Communication: The First 90 Days

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

communicating with executives | communicating with senior leaders | communication coaching

How do you delight a new boss and team? Take your onboarding into your own hands and embrace some shock and awe.

1. When your boss's call starts to swirl in indecision, interject to add clarity.

2. Aim to share a knowledge nugget on every team call. This could be an insight, a

framework, a book recommendation, or an experience that could educate the room.

3. Ask for recordings of past calls. Ask for policies and procedures to review. Ask for

examples of deliverables. Dig in fast to what is available.

4. Make a list of your key stakeholders, the questions you want to ask each of them, and

find out their communication preferences so you can schedule regular checkpoints to

help you all stay on the same page.

5. Build a personal relationship with every stakeholder first. Do not jump into work too


6. Look for early opportunities to add value to deliverables. Take initiative. Help someone

else get a task over the finish line and give them full credit. This goes a long way with


7. Ask for shadowing of peers or other leaders. Be a champion of those you shadow.

8. Study the company values and see what you want to add. Then, lead by role modeling

those values you hold dear.

9. Look at your activities and tasks and determine which ones impact profitability most.

Run at those first.

10. Inclusion, inclusion, inclusion. Embrace all professionals in your organization. Facilitate

meetings in a way that helps all feel safe, heard, and valued.


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