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Leadership Communication #7: Be Interesting

People are most interesting... when they are interested.

Could you be a degree more fascinated in your own status update?

Could you marvel at the team's achievement more?

Could you show more interest in other peoples' ideas?

Could you be even more excited for your client's opportunities?

What else makes a person interesting? Deep dive into your delivery style and your way of structuring your ideas. Maybe a quote, story, analogy, or humor bit could grab peoples' attention faster.

When you share something unexpected, the audience leans in. When you are an interesting person, you also get talked about. It helps you expand your network and increase visibility.

Listen to the lesson on how to Be Interesting.

Take a look at these fun ways to increase intrigue.

  1. An emotionally charged story

  2. A personal anecdote

  3. A humorous turn of phrase or slant

  4. Unexpected vocal change (high voice, low voice, loud, or whispered voice)

  5. A physical move - gesture or movement that you have not done before

  6. Unique clothing choices

  7. Props

  8. New slide design

  9. A great office design for virtual and in person meetings

Be interesting, so your ideas get the attention they deserve. Increase visibility around your ideas and get traction faster.


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