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Leadership Communication #6: Strengthen Gravitas with 4 Behaviors

Are you looking to develop a more senior presence in meetings? Are you spending more time with senior leaders and need to act more peer-like?

Our latest lesson on Gravitas is here to help you shine in every interaction.

Maybe you're sitting in a room full of senior leaders, and tough questions are directed your way. Picture yourself exuding confidence and maturity while responding directly.

Research shows that mastering four key behaviors create gravitas:

  1. Being calm under pressure

  2. Speaking truth to power

  3. Making decisions and moving people forward

  4. Showing genuine care for others

When you have all four behaviors, you've got what it takes to command attention and respect. That is gravitas. 

Listen as Stephanie Bickel breaks down four practical ways to infuse gravitas into your daily communication routine. Imagine leaving every conversation with an air of authority and confidence that motivates audiences to action.

Never settle for ordinary—embrace your gravitas and let the world see the leader you're destined to be!


For those ready to dive headfirst into leadership greatness, don't miss your chance to join Speak by Design University. Our personalized coaching sessions will fine-tune your gravitas skills and set you on the path to leadership stardom.  Secure your spot today at and join us at the start of the month.

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