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Effective Communication Skills for Leaders: 5 Ways to Get to the Next Level

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

effective communication skills

Becoming a stand-out leader comes from more than just the “manager” title you are given. A bad boss can be the main reason someone decides to leave their job and pursue other opportunities. A good boss can also be the reason that someone becomes a future leader for an organization. That is why effective communication skills training for leaders is an important priority in Learning & Development. The leadership communication skills that are instilled create a legacy for the future of an organization. It becomes a culture to be embraced by new hires, top upcoming talent, and high-functioning teams.

Our communication coaching for executives and communication training for leaders follows a proven methodology. When it comes to effective communication skills, we focus on style, structure, strategy, and leadership principles. These are the leadership communication skills you must master to be able to inspire and motivate your teams.

If you are looking for ideas on where to start your leadership communication journey, we recommend these 5 areas to start.

1. Become a master at audience analysis.

Before delivering a message and engaging in conversations, you need to have the audience firmly in mind to get your recommendations right. You must determine their knowledge base and appetite for the topics you want to discuss. Learn when to ask questions. Learn how to use their words, so that you meet them where they are. It's easy for leaders to speak over peoples' heads.

2. Make your vision appealing.

Try not to over-shoot and make it impossible. The vision needs to reflect aspirations and how you will move ahead. Your audience will also want to understand how this vision will impact them specifically and what they can do to contribute to it. Make a point to mention how you will commit to this vision and what they can expect from you.

3. Make your messages full of meaning.

Everyone is seeking to have a meaningful experience at work. Help them understand how this work will grow them personally, help the team, help the company, help customers, help communities, and change the world.

4. Get good at testing out messages with your best advocates first.

Start 1:1 and then bring together small groups. Groups of 6 or less are the most interactive and will be most engaged in giving you good feedback.

5. Internalize communication frameworks to feel ready for any situation.

It's important for leaders to have a system for how they put together important messages. Creating this muscle memory over time will make it easier to respond in the moment. This approach will help leaders come across as communication experts and role models.

Try one of these approaches today to demonstrate your leadership potential. You will begin to create your "North Wind" that pulls people toward you and creates a followership. What a great legacy you will leave at your organization if you have developed future leaders!


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