Do you have the skills to lead a team?

leadership communication skills

Communication coaching for executives and managers continues to be the best way to enhance team leadership and management. Anyone can develop the skills to lead a team.

The top communication skills to lead a team are:

1. Communicate a clear team vision and measurable result

Your team should be able to articulate the vision and the results you seek as clearly as you can. This should be said over and over to them.

2. Communicate clear meeting norms and expectations of their inputs and their ownership

Everyone should be actively involved on calls. No silent participation. In our communication coaching for executives, we teach them to withhold their recommendations until the end of the meeting. This helps the team feel more empowered and a greater sense of ownership around the problems.

3. Communicate your trust

The team needs regular reinforcement that you trust their decisions and actions. Be explicit about what you need to review and what do you not need to review. In our communication coaching with executives, we practice delegation communication. What exactly do you say to delegate a task? Delegation communication in management and leadership must be clear and compelling. You want to attract those most motivated and skills to take advantage of the greatest challenges and opportunities.

4. Communicate that perfection is not expected, but that speed of development and delivery must be high.

Most expert hires have some fear of failing. In our communication coaching with executives, we work on how they manage their disappointment. Managers and leaders will be disappointed by their teams. Your people will not read your mind. They will do things their way and not your way. It is part of their growth journey to try and fail. Of course, you want to rescue, but if you rescue all the time and micro manage them, you are limiting their future success and YOUR OWN.

5. Communicate that you exist to help handle issues as they arise and to help remove obstacles.

You also do not want your teams hiding their problems from you. You want to be able to handle bad news. The first time on your team comes to you with a problem is a test. If you are not easy to speak to, they will not come to you as easily again. Control your emotions and compliment them for coming to you with this. If you have the other problem, where people are complaining, blaming, and making excuses, try asking them calmly: "well, what are you going to do about this?" Do not participate in complaining, blaming, and excuse-making.

Communication in management and leadership are slightly different and you should work on both skills to lead a team effectively.

Management communication skills for executives focus on articulating clear timelines, scope, roles and responsibilities, and protocols for escalating issues.

Leadership communication skills for executives focus on articulating a vision, increasing workforce motivation, communicating clarity through uncertain times, and coaching others for greatness.

Leadership communication coaching for executives also focuses on how you communicate the picture of the future to board, investors, and the public.

Working on communication skills to lead a team is the best way to become the leader you were meant to be? Let us design a custom program that works on developing these unique communication skills to lead a team at the highest level.

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