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Best Public Speakers: Studying Jane Fraser

Updated: Apr 4

Jane Fraser will become the CEO for Citigroup in February 2021. She is the first female to head a major Wall Street bank. We identified Jane as one of the best public speakers due to her strong vocal attributes and use of tone, volume, articulation, and weight to command a room.

by Stephanie Bickel

best public speakers

The public speaking event we reviewed: Virtual interview on consumer banking outlook

Jane's greatest public speaking skills:

  1. Enunciation and emphasis: Jane clearly articulates her words. This helps the audience follow everything she says and makes the message clear. She also comes across more definitive when she emphasizes words or syllables. (1:10)

  2. Vocal tone: She uses an assertive, serious tone when speaking about important issues like the Covid-19 pandemic. (1:10)

  3. Vocal strength: Jane projects her voice and has a nice low pitch that demonstrates vocal poise. (1:10)

  4. Facial expressions: She “thinks” a smile when listening to the interviewer. Jane conveys a neutral stance on questions until she is able to speak and answer the question. (1:51)

  5. Eye contact: Jane looks directly into the eyes of the interviewer. This approach increases her connection with the audience and also demonstrates confidence in her response. (13:18)

What Jane could do to improve her public speaking skills:

  1. Filler words: She uses “um” frequently. Slow down and pause to minimize use of fillers. (1:19)

  2. Facial expressions: Jane fidgets with her mouth while listening to the interviewer speak. This habit can convey uncertainty and nervousness. Keep facial expressions neutral while listening to others, otherwise you can signal confusion, uncertainty, or conflict. (4:01, 7:04)

  3. Qualifying language: She answers questions by starting with “I think” or “I believe”. Avoid using phrases that weaken a response – get right into the answer to convey the utmost confidence. (1:08, 2:16, 4:08,7:16)

  4. Posture: Jane uses a lot of head movement when speaking. To demonstrate a poised, executive presence, keep the frame of the body still, including the head. Put movement and energy into gestures. (8:38)


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