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Best Public Speakers Series: Alli Webb

We included Alli Webb on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of her energetic delivery, passion about what she does, and confident messaging.

Alli Webb is an American businesswoman and writer. She is the co-founder of Drybar, a chain of American salons providing a hairstyling service known as blowouts.

Best Public Speakers

We reviewed Alli Webb's interview on Ask Gary Vee with Gary Vaynerchuk, where she talks about how she came up with the idea of Drybar and all about her college experience and career that brought her to where she is today.

What We Can Learn from Alli:

  • Great storyteller: Alli is able to tell great personal stories which are relatable and engaging to the audience that's listening. She also actively listens when she isn't speaking.

  • High energy: She has an energetic approach to her delivery which makes the audience want to listen to her from start to finish. She smiles to create warmth in the room.

  • Confident approach: She exudes confidence vocally, visually, and structurally. She's able to keep up with the interviewer despite being cut off several times.

  • Strong vocal variety: Alli uses pacing and emphasis to make strong points memorable.

How She Could Improve:

  • Staying on topic: There are moments where Alli jumps from one topic to another, mostly because of her interviewer guiding her in different directions. She could have brought the discussion back to her initial points several times.

  • Eye contact: Alli looks down or looks up when she's thinking of what she wants to say, and often breaks eye contact with the interviewer. Locking and holding eye contact may have helped her stay on topic more and prevent the interviewer from interrupting her.

  • Word choice: She said words and phrases like "I think", "totally", "actually", "sort of" throughout the interview. Removing those phrases and substituting them for stronger ones would have helped her sound more direct.


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