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Best Public Speakers Series: Jay Shetty

By Michelle Davis

We included Jay Shetty on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of his motivational speaking style that draws in the audience. He has excellent vocal variety and stage presence. Additionally, he takes up space with his gestures and body language when speaking, which makes him appear big and bold.

Best Public Speakers

Jay Shetty is a British podcaster, author, internet personality, and life coach, best known for his podcast On Purpose.

We reviewed Jay Shetty's talk at Google titled "There's No Such Thing As An Overnight Success", where he discusses how he left the corporate world to live as a monk for 3 years in India. He shares his experiences in a relevant, innovative and accessible way. Jay brings the worlds of media and meditation together. He focuses on how celebrities become overnight successes through YouTube and social media, and discusses how failure is crucial for success.

What are the main communication takeaways?

  • Intentional Gestures: Jay uses a variety of gestures to match his verbal output, which creates a memorable and impactful delivery of his strong points.

  • Vocal Variety: Shetty uses pauses, and plays with pacing, to make his message land with his audience. He takes them on a journey through his thoughts.

  • Connection to the Audience: He smiles often which creates instant warmth, connection, and a positive environment for his audience. He shares personal stories while doing so, which makes the audience connect further.

How could they improve?

  • Maintain Direct Eye Contact: Jay scans the room a lot instead of locking and holding, which makes his message appear rushed and less connected. Being more intentional about taking his time, and maintaining stronger eye contact, would help the message land better.

  • Slow Down Speaking Rate: At times, Shetty speaks more quickly when he gets excited and when he wants to get his point across. This makes his message less clear.


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