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What Makes a Good Public Speaker: 10 Great Podcasts to Study

An important part of development is to observe those who are already successful in your area of growth. When looking to make improvements in speaking skills, take time to listen to others who are experienced public speakers. Podcasts are great forums to do just that, and pick up some great content along the way. You'll quickly start to pick up on what makes a good public speaker.

what makes a good public speaker

Here is our list of 10 Popular Podcasts that you should check out.

1. "The Daily"

A daily news podcast produced by The New York Times.

2. "Serial"

a true crime podcast that investigates a different story over the course of each season.

3. "Radiolab"

A science and technology podcast that explores a wide range of topics through storytelling and scientific inquiry.

4. "This American Life"

A weekly radio show and podcast that features stories on a wide range of topics, from current events to personal experiences.

5. "The Joe Rogan Experience"

A long-form interview podcast hosted by comedian Joe Rogan.

6. "Stuff You Should Know"

A podcast that covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to history and pop culture.

7. "My Favorite Murder"

A true crime and comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

8. "The TED Radio Hour"

A podcast that features TED talks and interviews with experts on a variety of topics.

9. "The Tim Ferriss Show"

A long-form interview podcast hosted by entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss.

10. "Up First"

A daily news briefing podcast produced by NPR.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to make your own development fun! Make a list of what these speakers do well, that you want to practice and emulate.

Are they able to seamlessly incorporate humor? How?

Do they have a voice that is captivating? Why?

Are they good storytellers? How do they tell them?

Are their messages easy to understand? What makes them so memorable?

There is so much you can learn by watching and listening to others. Take some time out of your day to just observe. Then, put a plan into action to try out a few qualities that you admire in their speaking style. You never know the best version of yourself that may emerge!


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