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Moving People Forward With Questions: Communication for Leadership Success

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Asking questions is a powerful tool for moving people forward in our daily interactions. Questions can help individuals clarify their goals, identify obstacles, and find solutions to problems. Effective questioning requires active listening, empathy, and an understanding of the individual's needs and motivations. By asking open-ended questions that encourage reflection and self-awareness, individuals can gain new insights into themselves and their situations. Questions can also help individuals explore different perspectives and generate new ideas. By using questions to engage and empower others, leaders and mentors can help people move forward towards their goals and achieve greater success.

by Stephanie Bickel

communication for leadership success

Here are some examples of great questions:

1. What do you like about this idea?

2. How could we make this work?

3. If we had to make progress on this today, what would you do?

4. How can we leverage our experience?

5. If we removed x constraint, what would you do?

6. Are we solving the right problem?

7. What's likely to happen if we take no action?

8. Could there be another explanation?

9. What's the one thing that would make the biggest difference?

10. Have we asked for it?

11. What's the most important thing to discuss or decide on today?

12. What specific request do we have for leadership?

Which one of these open-ended questions can you use today? The way you communicate can make a big difference in achieving your goals and obtaining greater success for your teams. Help empower others to engage in conversations to accelerate problem solving and decision making.


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