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Leadership Communication #2: Adopt An Expansive Mindset

Updated: Jan 31

How can you think more expansively?

Think outside your swimlane

Think outside your organization

Think outside your industry

Think globally

Guess what happens when you do this?  You perform way outside your performance review.

You actually can, and I will teach you how in this podcast, "Adopt an Expansive Mindset".

leadership communication

Leadership is a point of view. If your point of view is from your job description only, you are missing the mark.

This is the mental skill of thinking bigger so that you have no trouble articulating a vision, a mission, and global strategies. When we hear someone speak with aspirations bigger than ours, we are inspired. This is how you get people to listen and follow.

Leadership extends beyond the confines of a job description. We can practice the skill of thinking bigger in every email, in every conversation. By elevating one's perspective, leaders can articulate compelling visions that inspire and resonate with others.

When leaders express aspirations that surpass the status quo, they evoke inspiration and captivate the attention of their audience. The ability to think on a grander scale not only sets the stage for visionary leadership but also fosters a sense of purpose and direction. It creates a magnetic pull that attracts followers, as people are naturally drawn to leaders who articulate ambitious goals and strategies. In essence, thinking more expansively is not just a mental skill but a transformative leadership quality that influences how others perceive and engage with a leader's vision. This is fundamental if you want to lead by example and speak by design.


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