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Leadership Communication #1: Protect and Grow Confidence

Updated: Jan 31

What if you could grow your confidence with 4 belief shifts? Confident leaders use these beliefs as their operating system. These beliefs motivate crisp, confident, and compelling communication.

Leadership Communication

Many leaders think this will take years and years to grow internal confidence. That is not as effective or as enduring as adopting these 4 beliefs. These four beliefs fuel strong leadership communication skills.

Find out how to protect and grow confidence in any role, on any subject. Just because yesterday's meeting did not go well, does not mean tomorrow's will be bad.

Learn how to shift your thinking, so you can protect and grow your confidence on your own without needing other people's validation.

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  1. We have many unconscious limiting beliefs about our communication

  2. We care too much about what others think

  3. We must become our own best coach to reach full potential

  4. Internal criticism destroys confident communication

  5. How you think about your audience affect your ability to persuade them


  1. 4 Beliefs

  2. Identifying Limiting Beliefs

  3. Crafting and Visualizing Your Future State

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