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Leadership Communication #4: Build Your Personal Brand

Why should you craft a clear personal brand? It helps you build trust with audiences. It helps you leave a lasting impression. It helps you stand out and become the obvious choice.

As a leader, your personal brand will shape the culture of your team. It is crucial that the brand is clear and aligned to your purpose, passions, and values. Then, match your communication style to that brand. Finally, align your dress to the brand.

A clear personal brand guides your communication style, ensuring that your message is consistent and resonates with your audience. Your personal brand extends beyond your words to include your appearance and demeanor. Aligning your dress and appearance with your brand reinforces the image you want to project and enhances your overall credibility.

When you know your brand, you will more naturally behave in a way that reinforces the brand through your body language, vocal presence, word choice, and message structure.

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***CORRECTION: On the podcast, I reference a free quiz to help you figure out your brand. This is the quiz.

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