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Leaders Lead Great Meetings: Communication Training for Managers

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

"Well that meeting could have been an email."

With so much time spent in meetings, you want to make sure that every minute adds value to your business. Communication training for managers includes how to run an effective meeting. A successful meeting involves clearly defining the purpose and goals of the discussion, inviting the right people, setting an agenda, and staying on track. When you stick to a plan, your time spent together will be well worth the effort.

by Stephanie Bickel

Communication Training for Managers

Here are some tips for running a great meeting:

1. Clearly define the purpose and goals of the meeting

Make sure that everyone knows why the meeting is being held and what the specific goals are. Be ready to articulate the purpose of the meeting in one short sentence.

2. Invite the right people

Invite only those people who are necessary for the meeting and who can contribute to the discussion.

3. Set an agenda

Create an agenda that outlines the topics to be discussed and the order in which they will be discussed. This will help keep the meeting focused and on track. Send the agenda in advance with the questions you are hoping the group can answer by the end of the meeting.

4. Start and end on time

Respect the time of your attendees by starting and ending the meeting on time. Mention time at the beginning and end of the meeting. Ask someone to watch time if you need that support.

5. Encourage participation

Encourage everyone to participate in the discussion and value their input. Make a statement at the beginning of the meeting so everyone knows this expectation. Call on the people who have been quiet.

6. Stay on topic

Stay focused on the specific goals and topics of the meeting and avoid going off on tangents. Be ready to interrupt and refocus people when derailment occurs.

7. Follow up

After the meeting, follow up on any actions or decisions that were made to ensure that they are completed in a timely manner. Send (or have someone send) the meeting summary with next steps bulleted within 24 hours of the meeting.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your meetings are productive and efficient. The way you lead meetings shows your leadership. If you need to establish stronger leadership, make sure you have the first and last word in your meetings. If you want to empower the group more, let some of them have the last word.


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