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Leaders and Communication Coaching: How to Position Your Successor as the Obvious Choice

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

leaders and communication coaching

You want to help Taylor become the obvious choice as your successor. Taylor deserves the position, and could benefit from leaders and communication coaching, but just lacks executive presence in the role.

Here are some ways you could help Taylor stand out. Discuss your ideas with Taylor to see what you want to try and when. Invite Taylor’s input. Make sure the two of you are united in this decision.

  1. Plan for Taylor to have the first and last word of team meetings.

  2. Come late to a team meeting, and let Taylor own the meeting before and while you are there.

  3. Taylor starts directing the conversation, calling on team members to share their opinions in the moment.

  4. Taylor drives the agenda in meetings and suggests moving to new topics more than in the past. Taylor shows a higher sense of urgency in meetings.

  5. You and Taylor go to the executive team meetings together. When it comes time to discuss your area, Taylor has the first and last word without any direction or invitation from you or others.

  6. Taylor occasionally goes to the executive team without you.

  7. Taylor starts leading knowledge-sharing meetings.

  8. You become a relationship maker for Taylor. You help Taylor forge deeper relationships with internal connections.

  9. You and Taylor openly disagree in front of the team. You acquiesce and say that Taylor is RIGHT!

By showing and empowering a successor, we ensure that they are ready to take the reins. We ensure that they have the capabilities — as well as the confidence — to succeed. That's what leaders and communication coaching can do for your teammates. In this way, we serve the team, the successor, and the organization.


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