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How to Sustain your Learnings & Interpersonal Skills: Effective Leadership Communication Practices

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

interpersonal skills

You are energized by a leadership and communication skills training that you just attended. As you leave, you can't wait to incorporate what you learned. You know effective leadership communication paired with enhanced interpersonal skills will help you excel in your role and can even get you promoted.

What can you do to transfer those skills to your day-to-day interpersonal skills?

How can you sustain the impact of the learnings?

Look to incorporate these 8 strategies to increase your impact and influence on your most important audiences:

  1. Plan who will have the first and last word of team meetings. This is a great way for emerging leaders to practice strong starts and closes.

  2. Have your leader purposefully come late to a team meeting, and you practice kicking off seamlessly. When the leader comes, you direct one of the team members to summarize what has been covered. This shows your leadership quality.

  3. Practice directing conversation, asking people direct questions, and driving the agenda in meetings.

  4. Ask your leader if you can attend a senior meeting together. When it comes time to discussing your leader’s area, see if you could speak instead.

  5. Ask if you could attend the more senior meeting without your leader at some point. In these meetings, remember the importance of active listening.

  6. Teach the Speak by Design tools and approaches to your team members or even family members.

  7. Look for opportunities to network. Ask your leader for introductions to the people they are close to. Leaders enjoy being relationship makers.

  8. Assign practice partners with a commitment that every month you meet your partner to practice an exercise we did together or rehearse upcoming messages together.

Group Trainings

If you haven't been given access to professional development options to increase your leadership quality, check out Speak by Design's public courses or contact us to have a training brought to your organization. Speak by Design offers eight signature group trainings that focus on developing your leadership communication and interpersonal skills.

  1. SBD 100 – Personal Presence

  2. SBD 200 – Crisp, Confident, and Credible

  3. SBD 300 – High Impact Meetings

  4. SBD 400 – Presentation Skills

  5. SBD 500 – Articulating a Vision

  6. SBD 600 – Leadership Communication Agility

  7. SBD 700 – Handling Difficult Situations

  8. SBD 800 – Coaching Others to Greatness

Monthly Membership

If you are looking for private coaching, too, Speak by Design University is a like a gym membership for leadership and communication skills. You get access to private coaching, group coaching calls, group lesson calls, group trainings, and self-paced resources. Here’s what’s included every month:

  • New lessons

  • 2 private coaching sessions

  • 8 group sessions with our Founder, Stephanie Bickel

  • 1 signature training

  • Access to vault of video lessons and workbooks

  • “Ask a Coach” feature

  • Ability to schedule additional coaching sessions at a discounted rate

  • No minimum monthly commitment as long as you let us know by the 15th of the prior month

Private Coaching

We also have our comprehensive 4-6 month private leadership communication coaching programs. We will help design a program that is right for you and your communication goals.


Become a speaker who can command any room. Speak by Design University is a one-of-a-kind leadership communication program. It’s the only leadership communication program in the world that gives you access to self-paced learning, group coaching and training and, most importantly, private one-on-one coaching. Learn more and register.


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