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How do I Rebuild My Reputation?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Reputation is something that is earned over time through our actions, words, and the way we interact with others. Reputation is what helps you find more internal opportunities. It helps you grow your team and win more business. If you do not like the way you are perceived, start a rebranding effort. You do not have to leave your company to rebuild your reputation, you could start in your very next meeting.

by Stephanie Bickel

Leadership communication skills

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1. Dress to reinforce your brand

The way we dress has a significant impact on the perception that others have of us. Your dress is always communicating your personality and values. As such, it's essential to consider how our appearance may influence the opinions others hold about us, particularly in professional settings. Before you go on a video call or enter the building, ask yourself if your dress conveys a sense of competence and confidence? Will my attire help me establish the strategic advisor relationship I am wanting to create with colleagues and clients?

2. Think differently

All behavior is goal-directed. What you think is guiding your actions all day long. You speak your goals to people by the way you act and by what you prioritize. How can you shift some thoughts to help you behave the way you want to? Could you shift a few thoughts to help you show up better with colleagues. These are good ones to start with.

* We have all the time we need.

* Everything is happening the way it should.

* I can do twice as much.

* The past events have well prepared me for upcoming challenges.

* I love these people.

See your situation with fresh eyes. Cast judgments about team members, peers, and leaders aside. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. The scoreboard just reset. It's 0-0.

3. Behave differently

Actions speak louder than words. You can also schedule actions. One way to show change fast is in how you write. What emails could you write that would make it obvious you are different?

* Send a note of gratitude to your boss

* Write a colleague a note telling them how much you learned from them

* Apologize to someone

* Invite people to get together

* Connect two people in your network who should know each other

Next, what could you do in the openings and closings of meeting to reinforce your new brand? Use meetings as an opportunity to build relationships and extend trust. Behaving differently for our reputation means being mindful of our actions, communicating effectively, and demonstrating a willingness to collaborate and support others.

One final wish. Don't do please others. Instead of thinking that something has gone horribly wrong and you need to rebuild your reputation, look at is as "revealing you true character".

Start now.


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