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Great Speaker: Ellen Latham, Founder of Orange Theory

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Kat Evans

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Ellen Latham is the high-energy founder of Orange Theory. We included Ellen Latham on the Best Public Speakers List because of her palpable passion, clear messaging, and inspirational yet down-to-earth story. Ellen uses plain language, easily breaks down contributing causes to effects, and shows both great belief in herself and gratitude. She is both deeply positive and grounded.

We reviewed Ellen's appearance at a Tony Robbins live event. She describes the story of founding Orange Theory, the science behind it, defines terms that shape her culture like EPOC, Momentum Change, Encouragement, and Coach-Inspired, and More-Life Company.

Her Communication Strengths:

  1. Energy - There is no break in her positivity, humor, and excitement.

  2. Fantastic emphasis - "We know how to PROGRESS your physical body." "The sense of community is OVERWHELMING." "Educational summit --It's very important for us to EDUCATE our coaches, our sales staff"

  3. Plain language/colloquialisms - "I gotta get on this"

  4. Strong closes - Each one of her answers ends clearly on a short statement (e.g. "It's helping a lot of people.")

How She Could Improve:

  1. Pace - Ellen occasionally gets carried away with the pace of her stories.

  2. Fillers - Ellen could decrease "ums", "y'knows", and "yeahs. She also begins most of her responses with "yeah...." which was not always responding to a yes or no question.

  3. Breathing - While Ellen has incredible vocal power, she occasionally appears out of air and could benefit from more frequent inhales.

Watching Ellen makes you want to exercise. She is someone who walks her talk and is living her mission every day. How can you use her example to be a more passionate and sincere speaker?


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