Best Public Speakers Series: Studying Shamla Naidoo

We chose Shamla Naidoo for our "Best Public Speakers" list because of her calm, clear leadership communication style. Shamla Naidoo is an accomplished executive with experience managing hundreds of millions of dollars in budgets for large, globally distributed teams who support operations in 170 countries. As Managing Partner of IBM Global Security Services, Shamla is one of the most influential security executives among Fortune 50 companies. Her advice and thought leadership in strategy and execution is sought by governments, public institutions, and private companies. Her ability to communicate complex technical process into simpler, more understandable terms is highly regarded.

The best public speakers event we reviewed was an interview conducted by Atul Vashistha: CEO/Founder of RiskBoard.org & Supply Wisdom from April 26, 2021 from Episode 9 of the CRO Wisdom: Sharing Wisdom of Risk Leaders series.

Shamla's greatest leadership communication skills:

  1. Vocal Presence: Shamla speaks with excellent pacing, using pauses and word highlighting to draw in the focus of her audience. She also uses good vocal variety which makes her more fun to listen to.