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Best Public Speakers Series: Mike Corbat

We included Mike Corbat on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of his use of strategic messaging, great use of pause, strong word choice, and powerful statements.

Best Public Speakers

Mike Corbat is an American banker who served as the chief executive officer of Citigroup from 2012 to 2021. His 2012 welcome from The New York Times described him as a "Jack-of-All-Trades".

We reviewed Mike Corbat's speech during the Citi 2019 Annual Stockholders' Meeting. This was titled his "State of Citi" address.

What are the main communication takeaways?

  • Good vocal variety prevalent with use of stress, pausing, slower pace for impact

  • Client-centric word choice and focus, connected to audience

  • Spoke of growth in an inspirational way with credible numbers

  • Great use of top-down messaging

  • Didn't look down on notes

How He Could Improve:

  • Less eye scanning, locking and holding would have been better to drive his message

  • More use of hand gestures to make his message memorable

  • Use more facial expressions; A smile and eye brow raise would have gone a long way


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