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Best Public Speakers: Heather Hansen

Updated: May 11, 2022

We included Heather Hansen - The Elegant Warrior - on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of her polished method of speaking to a virtual audience. Heather is the CEO of Advocate to Win and a former attorney who currently specializes in introducing techniques for successful business mindset development.

The best public speakers video we reviewed: Her top recommendation to win people over: Make people feel significant.

Heather's greatest leadership communication skills:

  1. Professional Presence: Heather is not a salesy person, which is why it is great to study her when she is selling. In this video she is selling her new course and book (pictured behind her). She displays a great balance of smiling and not smiling.

  2. Vocal Presence: Strong credible vocal style with clear enunciation. No use of “filler” words (um, uh).

  3. Great Message: Heather delivers a captivating message in this video: “Words are magic” This draws her listeners in.

  4. Virtual Framing: Excellent composition framing of her as the on-camera subject and main speaker. The camera angle makes her look tall and shows more of her upper body so hand gestures can be seen. Her hand gestures support her message and are purposeful.

  5. Persuasive: The guarantee she offers is compelling.

What Heather could do to improve her leadership communication skills:

  1. To make this video even more interesting she could tell a story of how a client transformed their situation with words.

  2. Clear the Myth: She could use this as an opportunity to shatter some beliefs we have about good words vs. bad words.


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