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Best Public Speakers: Amy Porterfield

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

We included Amy Porterfield on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of her casual confidence and comfortable connection with her audience/listener. She is the CEO and Podcast Host of Online Marketing Made Easy.

by Stephanie Bickel

The best public speakers interview we reviewed: 73 Questions with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield's greatest leadership communication skills:

  1. Decisive: Amy is quick and decisive with her interviewer. She has a concise and bulleted style of answering questions.

  2. Professional Presence: Amy is relatable, social and has a familiar girlfriend-just-chatting style. It feels like she is enjoying the interview and sharing her answers.

  3. Visual Presence: She looks polished, but comfortable for this casual interview. She is great at smiling when she speaks.

  4. Personality: Amy shares personal details about herself. She shares loads of fun facts and tips. This holds the attention of the listener for the duration of the video. She gives us a view of her beautiful home in this walk-and-talk style interview. You may even want to buy her beautiful home at the end!

What Amy could do to improve her leadership communication skills:

  1. Amy occasionally touches her hair this can read as nervous or insecure.

  2. Overuse of phrases like “hands down” or “definitely” feels redundant and can give our listener the impression that the speaker lacks creativity

  3. Halfway through, Amy begins using an “uptick” going up at the end of phrases making decisive statements sound more questioning.

  4. Amy is so vocally expressive it can read as “judgy” during some of her responses.


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