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Virtual Selling Is Better Than In Person

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

There has been a natural shift to selling in a virtual environment based on the slow transition back to in-person working. Those that refine their skills to better connect and build trust over over a screen, set themselves apart from those aren't able to adapt. We took a look at the trends that have emerged and what you can do to create an unforgettable experience for potential clients and investors.

by Stephanie Bickel

The Research

from Gallup compiled from Shari Levitin

  • 86% of workers prefer working from home over being in the office. So much is going to continue in virtual platforms long after the pandemic. This is going to be the biggest shift in sales.

  • The customer has adapted, so sales has to adapt to the customer. Customer are spending 62% of their time learning independently without speaking with you. They are creating their own assumptions and judgments from what they read. They are reading contradictory content. They are so worried about making the wrong choice, so they are stalling. They are confused.

  • 11 stakeholders is the average number of people who need to buy-in before a decision is made. The average used to be 3 people. It is harder to gain consensus. We recommend using video to gain consensus.

  • Information overload. We have created as much content in the last 5 years as we have in the total history of mankind. Too much to sort through. It is overwhelming.

  • Since COVID, 64% of customers are more likely to interact with suppliers on digital channels....40% prefer it. Many prefer text. Many prefer LinkedIn.

Virtual Selling - The BAD

  • Salespeople are failing to build trust and rapport over zoom.

  • Some are struggling showing ROI.

  • Some are struggling just being boring.

Virtual Selling - The GOOD

  • Be a GIVER of value, information, introductions, inclusion, connection, of humor

  • Be a TELLER of stories that inspire.

  • Be a SIMPLIFIER. There is a lot of information out there.

  • Make the path simple and clear. Show them a path they could never find on their own.

What to do: Less prospects, go deeply with the ones you have!

  • Redesign the buying process - Use creative channels to reach them.

  • Ask better questions

  • Be an artisan with your products and services mix to add value like none other

  • Be charismatic virtually - attitude, vocal presence, visual cues, relationship focused

Engage creatively

  • Show your video and get them to show their video. If you are both visible you are 7X more likely to close the same vs. if one person is not visible.

  • Schedule meetings for 50 minutes, never an hour. Schedule for 20 minutes, not 30 minutes.

Virtual selling is...or can be...better than in person selling. Think about the bright side. No more wasted time on planes, trains, and automobiles. No more expensive dinners that keep you up late and leave you hungover the next day. Get a good night's sleep, walk down to your office, and be ready to deliver a pitch like you have never given before.


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