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Leadership Communication #3: Visual Leadership

Updated: Feb 1

You can destroy trust and alienate audiences without visual leadership. Visual leadership is the concept of using aesthetics to help you connect and influence. Your visuals are the first things an audience notices about you. You can’t be “the obvious choice” if you are blending in or worse, invisible. I discuss how the elements of body language, dress, and visual graphics combine to leave lasting impressions in Lesson 3 on Visual Leadership

Develop better Visual Leadership

There’s always an intelligent way to be yourself at work. Infuse your own personality into your movements and what you're wearing. Balance focusing on your authenticity and your audience. This is how you build trust and deepen the meaning and understanding of your ideas for listeners.

Listen in as I share the tips and tricks associated with visual leadership.  We will focus on these elements: 

  1. Posture: puff up the chest

  2. Gesture: use gestures that end and get released

  3. Eye contact: use a piercing eye contact on your most important messages

  4. Stillness: surprise audience with your stillness from time to time

  5. Movement: walk like a panther, slow and stealthy.

  6. Dress: make sure it fits, it is current, and it shows your personality

  7. Objects: stage your office and virtual background with conversation pieces that reinforce your brand

  8. Graphic design: make sure your slides and signature block help you stand out 

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