Leadership Communication Skills that Strengthen Commitment

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Do you need to enhance your leadership communication skills to be more inspirational?

How critical is communication for leadership success? It is everything.

Leadership and communication skills make the difference between someone who simply wields power and someone who leads. Strong leadership communication skills yield followers. A good follower is someone who willingly, happily, pulls their own weight and helps the team to move forward. Their motivation comes from their faith in the leader.

Leadership communication is continually changing; it is our job as communication coaches to stay informed on the evolution of communication for leadership success. In earlier years, words like “gravitas,” “charisma,” and “likability” were descriptors of what leaders looked and sounded like. We now know that leadership communication skills are neither vague nor intrinsic to any person’s person or personality. They are skills that can improve any situation and increase the morale of any team.

leadership communication skills

Step 1: Do you show that you believe in your team?

Communicate to your team your belief and your appreciation in their talents. A group email of “Hey team, good job. Thanks for your work. I believe in you.” will do very little. Do you know your team? Do you know what makes each of them shine?

Make all of those around you feel smart, appreciated, competent, successful, and high principled. Write down what you admire about your team. Some examples:

· Jaqui: nicest boss I have ever had. Positive, smart, successful, and advancing quickly through the company. Learning a lot from her.

· Johan: Delivers quality output, consistently. Independent.

· Maria: Open to feedback, learning quickly; great attention to detail.

· Sobia: Patient, kind, and motivating. Her mentoring of Lynn is helping with onboarding. Proactive; owns her work well, and makes time to mentor others.

Can you believe more in your team than they believe in themselves? People want to be around people who make them feel good. We love people who see our potential clearer than we see it ourselves.

If you communicate to your team exactly why they are strong, they will be motivated to deliver on those strengths. Good leadership and communication skills protect the team climate.

leadership communication skills

Step 2: Shine a Light on Others