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Leadership Communication #8: Inspire Others

You can inspire others from any seat at the table.  You can inspire even if you just joined the team yesterday. You can inspire in an interview.  You can inspire people by the way you answer a question - - - even by the way you listen.

The mark of a great message is whether it drives action. The mark of a great leader is whether they earn followers. Great leaders inspire others.

Reflect on what personality traits inspire you. What behaviors in others inspire you?  What types of messages inspire you?

We inspire others through our attributes, actions, and messages.  I cover all of three topics in this lesson, "Inspire Others".

Leadership Communication

At the end of the lesson, I share our "Pep Talk" framework from studying great sports coaches.  What did they say that inspired teams to come back after half time more inspired.  There is a great deal we can learn from them.

How do you inspire others to try something new, to believe something bigger, to try again after something fails? Follow our Pep Talk framework:

1. Pain

2. Action

3. Value

4. Emotion

5. Belief

This article explains it further.

Leverage your style and this message structure to motivate your teams. It is the same system that motivates your clients and even your leadership.


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